“Vision 2030: business leaders meet DG CLIMA, ENER and ENTR”

A high-level private lunch organised by EU-ASE (Brussels, 21 May 2013)

Business leaders highlighted to Philip Lowe (Director General – DG ENER), Humberto Delgado Rosa (Director Mainstreaming Adaptation and Low Carbon Technology – DG CLIMA) and Didier Herbert (Acting

Director in charge of Competitiveness, Industry and Growth Policies – DG ENTR) that legislative support for energy efficiency is the most urgent priority in the European energy strategy and a more cost-effective investment than any other investment in energy generation.

It is a mistake to see a trade-off between the need for a joint climate and energy legislation and the need to restore economic competitiveness. Energy, environmental and industrial policies act as a beneficial lever for innovation and competitiveness, ensure security for investments and boost markets.

EU-ASE representatives affirmed that the current debate on a new integrated policy framework for climate and energy policies for the period up to 2030 offers an important opportunity to address a major shortcoming in the current energy and climate strategy for 2020— that is, the lack of a specific binding target for energy savings which is vital for meeting the economic and sustainable growth needs of the European community in the coming decades.

The higher the ambition for 2030, the better it will be for the economic, social and environmental development of European businesses and citizens.

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